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Clean google history, and delete browsing history with WebCacheKiller V2.

The WebBrowser webcache is the storage area for all of the websites that are visited whenever you surf the internet. It grows and very rarely shrinks. This can cause a problem, because it can take more and more space on the hard drive, until finally you have no space left. If your symptons are windows lockups, freezes, corruption of data, then it's time to clean google history. Ever wondered why windows explorer reports lots of hard disk space, but you cannot copy or store any files, or files become corrupted. The more you surf the internet, the more you visit google, the more websites that you visit and automatically download, and the more the webcache will grow in size. To combat this, you need to erase google history of your on line Web-browser.

Is your Windows spying on you?

Microsoft change significantly the way this data was stored. Why, who knows, only microsoft does. Its stored in two places, the old Temporary Internet Files location, and the new way, into the webcachev** file. The new way is more secure, that is, its more difficult for you to delete. Its encrypted, why we all ask? Why was it made so secure and hard to delete? Since the introduction of Windows 10, this operating system has been marketed as a service, rather than an operating system which the user owns. Strange!! Try reading the service agreement and see what it contains.

How difficult is it to delete these files?

In order to delete browsing history, various services need to be stopped and started. These are the services that lock the files. Hidden folders have to become un-hidden, and then re-hidden. All this while Internet Explorer still continues to surf the internet. Clearly doing this manually is time consuming and tedious. Files are stored in the local folder of \Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache. You can try disabling the inheritance values, even the security properties, but the wecache will still prove difficult to deal with. Clear google history completely, and erase search history by using this application.

How frequently does the Webcache fill up?

The WebCache file will be replaced almost immediately with another file. Thats what Internet explorer does. However, with this app, it has a function which can continually delete search history in real time. You can set the frequency when the webcache is emptied. You could also trigger the webcache to be cleaned by an external file, if you so wish. The webcache then becomes deleted search history forever.

Deleting google search history with WebCacheKiller, complete cache removal.

This application was written with one purpose in mind. To delete the webcachev01 dat file. Built into this application, is also the facility to clean up and delete all of the browser cache files. It can search all drives, it displays the files contained within the webcache, and you can view google history summary files, and deletes all of the files associated with the webcache. The end result is deleted browsing history of Internet Explorer. Its available for download as a single self contained exe installer file. Its digitally signed so you can be assured its virus and malware free.

Check out the report from virus-total below.

Its extremely simple to use and will minimise to the system tray. It will start when windows starts, and automatically start cleaning the WebCache.

Webcachekiller has been reviewed by independant websites and proven to work.

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How to clear my search history!

How to erase search history is a question easily answered with WebCachekiller. You have read about what the software can do. Download it and try it free. It's limited, but you can get a good idea of it's abilities.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are tiny data files which are saved to a user's computer. They contain data and text particular to every website that you visit, and may be accessed at any time by the computer system. These enable websites to use previously stored data, rather than having to enter the information every time.

When are Cookies Created?

Creating a new cookie is usually done when a new website is visited.. When the webpage has finished loading, normally thats when the cookie is created. You can select if cookies are enabled or not. They are normally harmless, however it's not a bad idea to clear these every now and again.

How Long Does a Cookie live for?

The time of life is set when the cookie is created. When the Browser is closed, the cookies are normally wiped, however there are some that always seem to remain.

Why people choose to clear their search history?

When the majority of people choose to delete browser history, it normally means to wipe any trace of there on-line surfing activities . They do it because to them, they don't want there privacy invaded, or known. It doesn't mean they are criminal, they just choose to remain private. No matter which webbrowser you use, always clean google history.

Save your embarrassment and clear browsing history.

With so much internet surfing, we recommend to clear browsing history at least once a day. Its good practice and could save you a lot of embarrassment if someone else uses your computer.